How to write a crying emoticon

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Emoticons in Word

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Most of these though are essentially sad emotions that are crying. You can usually show tears with a T, ; or a ╥. Tears Flying Everywhere These emotes are crying really hard and their tears are flying everywhere.

Someone pass these emoticons a tissue because these tears have. Emoticon That Tells You How To Read The Sentence That Follows It The pirate face at the beginning of the sentence means: "read this sentence like a pirate".

For instance:) is an emoticon for a smiley face. (Look at it sideways and you see two eyes, a nose, and a smiling mouth.) If you type an emoticon Word, it is automatically transformed into a "dingbat" character that shows the smiling face, frowning face, or neutral face.

Stiles hated crying, it always clogged up his sinuses and made his eyes red, but sometimes he can’t help it. Stiles joked but he didn’t get an answer to that. Instead he got a frown emoticon. ‘:(No. The lights are flickering strangely through the clouds.

It's so exciting to see people loving a story you write as much as you are. A very nice animated crying is one of the best crying sad smiley faces we have ever seen. This sobbing sad emoticon is trying hard to fight back the tears and it makes you wonder what made it.

To use an emoticon Sad Face in your conversations by chat, to write in your facebook status or post in someone’s wall, you just need to copy the code.

How to write a crying emoticon
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