How to write a log file in stata

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Equivalent of log file in R?

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VIII. Using Stata as a Calculator and Computing p-values

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How can I save the contents of the results window? | Stata FAQ

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Begin by starting STATA. Remember from the previous tutorial that the first thing to do before starting your analysis is to open a log file. If you don’t open a log file no results will be saved from your STATA session. The log file we create can be printed or opened into a word processor for later use.

Class 1: Basics of Stata

The file will be saved with a. log using are step-by-step instructions for saving an Excel worksheet as a comma-delimited file and reading that file into Stata. c.

How can I save the contents of the results window? | Stata FAQ

Do not use periods .dta. 1.) or any other character values ( or as a comma-delimited file. 2log— Echo copy of session to file Menu File > Log Description log allows you to make a full record of your Stata session. A log is a file containing what you. The command log close closes and saves the current log file.

The log command is such an important command. Having a log of commands and output is extremely useful in documenting the data analyses and recoverying from errors that may occur. You will be tempted to not use the log feature of Stata, it can seem like a bother.

But the time will come when you will need to recreate a data file or data analysis. Stata: Data Manipulation and Analysis IT Services 2 Note ending ( for data files in Stata files).

The,replace at the end just means that if a log file of this name exists in this folder then write over it – this is useful if you are running the syntax for a project multiple. STATA executes the command. Alternatively, you can write STATA programs, and then execute the programs in STATA.

You are expected to learn how to program in STATA. You will write STATA programs, which are simply groups of STATA commands, in order to do the problem sets and your research project.

How to write a log file in stata
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