How to write a terminating decimal less than 1 as a fraction

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Repeating Decimals

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Converting Repeating Decimals into Fractions

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The GNU C Reference Manual

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If the fraction is an improper fraction, the decimal equivalent should be greater than 1. How do you write fractions as a terminating decimals?

A decimal is another way of representing a real number. Many numbers that can be written as fractions can also be written as decimals, and vice versa. Sometimes it makes more sense to work with a fraction, but other times a decimal is the way to go. Dividing decimal numbers Terminating and recurring decimals Decimal approximations Comparing sizes IB MYP_2 1 Write as a fraction in simplest form: a b c d “is greater than”.

less than”. We can write zeros at the end of decimal numbers. When a denominator has no prime factors other than 2's and 5's, we can find decimal notation by multiplying by 1.

We multiply to get a denominator that is a power of ten, like 10,or Example 1: Find decimal notation for 3/5. If a rational number fraction contains a denominator which only has a prime factor of 2 or 5, or prime factors of both 2 and 5, it can be expressed as a finite decimal, rather than a nonterminating decimal.

Aug 17,  · This video provides two examples of how to convert a fraction to a terminating decimal. Complete Video Library:

How to write a terminating decimal less than 1 as a fraction
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Fractions with Terminating and Non-Terminating Decimal Representations