Relationship marketing in the banking industry

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Amazon may be taking the plunge into banking, and by any estimation, it’s a game changer for the industry. News reports that it seeks a bank for a cobranded, mobile-friendly checking-account-like product initially targeted to young adults in the US follow earlier moves into financial products.

Customer-relationship management

The need to describe relationship marketing as it is applied to the banking sector, especially in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. The Nigerian banking sector has been polarized with the pursuit for profit that the human aspect of banking services.

As the impacts of artificial intelligence and machine learning creep their way into every corner of the financial industry, banking providers are finding new ways to transform their approach to creating, producing and distributing their marketing materials.

10 The Relationship between Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: An Investigation in Vietnamese Retail Banking Sector. behavior. Relationship marketing in service organizations is not an entirely new concept (Man so and Speece, ) and Relationship marketing within the banking industry is becoming increasingly important (Colgate and Alexander, ).

Relationship marketing literature related to banking can be traced back to. The top 10 marketing trends that are changing banking forever — from big data and personalization, to social media and content marketing.

10 Marketing Trends The Banking Industry Can’t Ignore. or abandon the relationship with your bank or credit union altogether.

Relationship marketing in the banking industry
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