The love and relationship dynamic in their eyes were watching god a novel by zora neale hurston

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Essays (Examples)

Jun 25,  · I recently read Zora Neale Hurston’s masterpiece, Their Eyes Were Watching God (). It is the second time I have picked up this book. It is the second time I have picked up this book.

The first time occurred about a decade ago, and I got intimidated and stopped reading. A deeply soulful novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God is ultimately a story of self-discovery: we follow Janie on her quest to find a voice, through all the trauma and triumph such a quest entails, and I absolutely love it.

Her research and her stories, including most famously Their Eyes Were Watching God, relied heavily on her time there and gave her a unique perspective on Southern life, race, segregation, and the potential for black independence.

This novel is the story of Janie Crawford's search for love, told, as noted earlier, in the form of a frame. In the first few pages, Janie returns to her hometown of Eatonville, Florida, after nearly two years absence. Their Eyes Were Watching God In Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, there are many themes throughout the novel.

However, there are two major themes that stand out. Race and sSocial cClass play major factors throughout the life of Janie. Zora Neale Hurston uses her novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, to portray power dynamics and other differences between men and women through the personal experience of the female protagonist, Janie Crawford.

Throughout the novel she directly compares the aspects of feminism and the norms of the stereotypical black townswomen to Janie’s own brave and rebellious character.

The love and relationship dynamic in their eyes were watching god a novel by zora neale hurston
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